Top-notch Tuesday

It's been nearly a month since I stepped out on my own to do what I do best, help others achieve their business goals. Today, and each Tuesday for the foreseeable future, I'm celebrating a person who's been instrumental in my career and personal success. While I may have lost contact with some of these influential people, I still think of them often and practice a great deal of what they taught me. Allow me to start at the beginning.

Meet Len Weinstein. Len was my first official full-time supervisor (a.k.a boss). He's a tall powerful force of charisma with a healthy helping of can-do attitude. Plus, he's super smart.

Len taught me anything is possible if you have the right mindset. Adaptability was his middle name. Ok, I'm kidding - I'm not sure about his middle name, but that's the one I'd give him. When I worked with Len it was my first job out of college and the company was SkyTel (yep, that's right, a nationwide paging company).

SkyTel Nationwide Pager

At this time, SkyTel was a company in an aggressive growth trajectory and he took a chance on me. I entered the interview green and nervous and left with a job offer to be his Regional Administrator. One of my favorite memories was helping him produce a video that would represent the regional office in a contest. This was a big deal because it would be shared with the national sales team -- and we WON! Len was proud of the work we did and, full disclosure, I continue to be too. While this moment may only be a faint memory for him, it taught me a great deal about the nuts and bolts of video production and the importance of timing and celebration -- all things I've continued to use as I've moved through my communications career. And each time I hear Van Halen's "Right Now" (the theme song for the video), I smile and think of the great work we did on this project.

Kudos to you, Len. YOU made a difference to me in the beginning of my career and I'm certain you continue to do the same with your present team at EPAY Systems. Have a happy and productive Tuesday!