FYZICAL Finds Balance in Medical Space | FranchiseTimes.com

Balance issues are big business in healthcare and an increasingly serious problem as the U.S. population gets older, grayer and less sure-footed. With more facets of traditional healthcare being franchised every year, Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers’ rapid growth is a reflection that an increasing cohort of independent doctors are seeing value in converting to a franchise system, rather than staying on their own in an unsteady medical landscape.

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It's not just for yoga, tai chi and Pilates, experts champion mindfulness as an important part of any healthy fitness routine.

Unless we’re doing an exercise that is built around slow breathing and deep focus such as yoga or Pilates, the practice of mindfulness probably isn’t at the top of our list when we hit the gym.

Risk Taker Dream Maker: Keri Bonfili | Online Publication

I'm proud that I get up every day, do great work for my clients and set a good example of integrity and independence for my daughters. I want my girls to know that hard work pays off and determination coupled with the right attitude will take you far in life. I also want my family to know that if you fail, tomorrow is a new day - that failure isn't a reflection of the person you are or your intentions - it's a necessity and platform for growth.

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LinkedIn is an incredibly useful social network, but it can also be a breeding ground for bad behavior. You know some of it--spammy networkers and over-sharers for example--but also full-fledged plagiarism and copying. Yet these kinds of practices destroy people's reputations and even lead to their losing their LinkedIn accounts.