Rusty Bucket Serves Brunch | The Charlotte Agenda

“We’re excited to offer our guests a really fun brunch menu that highlights the best flavors of Rusty Bucket – and it’s something our guests have been craving for a long time,” said Gary Callicoat, president and founder of Rusty Bucket. “I’m proud of the work our team has put into developing a delicious, fresh and satisfying menu.”

Personal Brand Engagement in the Age of the Selfie |

I routinely have the opportunity to speak with aspiring public relations and marketing professionals and they all ask me about social media and its impact on their budding careers. While I'm not a fan of a "cookie cutter" approach to anything, I do believe there are some pretty clear guidelines that should be followed if one wants to be taken seriously in job interviews and after they're hired. Building and maintaining credibility is the cornerstone to managing your personal brand.

SixAxis LLC | Fabricator Magazine

Metal fabricators have a history of growing through word-of-mouth. Many companies go for years, sometimes generations, without hiring a single salesperson. It’s just the nature of this manufacturing sector dominated by small, multigenerational family shops. Few say their company is “sales-driven.”

Startup Business Reaches $100 Million | Forbes

Rob Honeycutt's success defies so many conventions within the entrepreneurial canon that it's hard to pick which part of his tale merits telling first. As a salesman, he's not supposed to be good with software. As somebody without a college degree, he's not supposed to be able to, in a little over a decade, start and scale up a complicated set of businesses all under one holding company. As a company based in South Carolina, Honeycutt's firm isn't supposed to be able to recruit globally and draw engineering talent to what is, for tech, something of a desert, although it's improving.

Big change is afoot. My oldest, Luci, is about to start middle school (we do that in sixth grade in Charlotte) and my youngest, Opal, starts Kindergarten. We've spent a great deal of time over the last few weeks discussing a myriad of details relating to wardrobe, school supplies, pick-ups and drop-offs and after school activities. When we finished all that we focused some real time on the subject of interacting with friends. 

Top Notch Tuesday |

It's been nearly a month since I stepped out on my own to do what I do best, help others achieve their business goals. Today, and each Tuesday for the foreseeable future, I'm celebrating a person who's been instrumental in my career and personal success. While I may have lost contact with some of these influential people, I still think of them often and practice a great deal of what they taught me. Allow me to start at the beginning.

Omnichannel Strategy | The Wall Street Journal

When June Adamski plucked three sets of Magna-Tiles from a bin in the back of a Target store in Minneapolis for delivery to a customer in Wisconsin, the discounter’s ordering system suggested a Size 439 box.

The first two sets of magnetic building toys fit just fine. But when she tried to pack the third, she realized the box was an inch or so too short.

Belk Feature | WCCB

Belk has committed $6 million to the Mobile Mammography Center, which brings testing and awareness to women around America.  Since its launch in 2013, the Center has screened more than 4,500 woman and visited more than 100 Belk locations.