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Simply put - we generate meaningful attention that translates into visibility and sales. It’s no surprise our client successes are a direct result of thoughtful digital strategy and amazing editorial relationships - we have 45 years of collective experience informing everything we do. And we are adept at evolving. Every. Single. Day.


The Team

We deliver results at every turn. Strategy is led by Keri Bonfili and executed by a talented team of content, social media and public relations partners. We are nimble and mostly virtual however, none of us operate as if we’re in a vacuum.

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The Work

We don’t call it work, because we LOVE what we do. Curiosity and strong editorial relationships are the cornerstones of our success.

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Reach out and connect with one of our team to talk content strategy, discuss how to build and strengthen media relationships or chat about ways you can grow your digital footprint.

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“Whether we work as a team or on a solo project, our goal is to use equal parts creativity, humor and knowledge of the digital landscape to achieve amazing results for our clients.”
— Keri Bonfili